Mildred Makes a Difference

My first of four books is available and it's called Mildred Makes a Difference.

Mildred Makes a Difference is about a young boy named Jimmy who has fallen and hurt himself in the bush and needs rescuing.

Mildred and her crew are quick to get ready to fly when they hear the siren beeping. They set off to find Jimmy and when they arrive there are too many trees to land so Peter the Pilot decides to hover Mildred among the tree tops.

Charlie the Crewman winches Angie the Ambulance officer and Danielle the Doctor down to pick Jimmy up using the stretcher. When safely winched into the Mildred, Peter the Pilot flies Jimmy to hospital and the crew safely back to Base to finish off another successful mission.

Each book is a beautifully illustrated A4 soft copy and is only $10.

All proceeds from each book goes directly into helping to save another life in our community.