Become a Valued Friend of Mildred

We have a number of amazing people who have become 'Friends of Mildred" and are visiting schools, preschools and cafes in our Serviced area enlightening children with our Mildred Makes a Difference book but we need more help!

Nikki Lee is just one of those beautiful people and here's what she has to say about being one of our Valued Friends of Mildred.

"Being a Friend of Mildred is an amazing opportunity. I feel very fortunate to be able to share my love and passion for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter with kids of all ages and see their eyes light up when I let them know they own a piece of Mildred, too.

The book is colourful, engaging and very well written and allows for some excellent conversation to take place. I love the opportunity that being a Friend of Mildred has given me in terms of visiting schools, making relationships with children and their families and creating awareness for our helicopters.

I also love being stopped down the street with comments like ‘that’s the helicopter lady!’" - Nikki Lee

  • Are you passionate about ensuring the best possible care is available for those in your community?
  • Do you enjoy bringing smiles to children's faces?
  • Do you love the sense of achievement and gratitude?
  • Do you have a few hours spare within school hours you could make a visit to a preschool, school or cafe?

If you answered yes, you are just the person we are looking for to help bring our wonderful book series to the children of your community!

We would love to speak with you about how you can help us share the story of Mildred and her friends and raise some much needed awareness and fundraising dollars to ensure we continue to fly for free to save lives in our community.

Call Kylie Morris on 0429 818 627 or email by using the form below: